Volunteer Roles
    Volunteer Role Name Role LocaleFrequency of ServiceStart DateEnd Date
    Administrative SupportHaven For HopeFlexible
    BarbersHaven For HopeFlexible
    Child Learning Center MonitorHaven For HopeWeekly
    Classes/Workshops Daily in Chapel of HopeHaven For HopeWeekly
    Community Worship/Bible Study TeamHaven For HopeWeekly
    DocentHaven For HopeFlexible
    Donation Center OrganizerHaven For HopeMonthly
    Employment Services AssistantHaven For HopeWeekly
    Faith Home Team VolunteerHaven For HopeWeekly
    Green Thumb ChampionHaven For HopeWeekly
    Group Exercise InstructorHaven For HopeFlexible
    Gym MonitorHaven For HopeWeekly
    Hair StylistsHaven For HopeFlexible
    Life Safety AssistantHaven For HopeWeekly
    Open Doors VolunteerHaven For HopeFlexible
    Retreat/Workshop Team VolunteerHaven For HopeMonthly
    Soul FriendHaven For HopeFlexible
    Street2Feet 5k Training VolunteerHaven For HopeWeekly
    Transformational Center Administrative SupportHaven For HopeFlexible